These past three and a half months in Scotland have blessed me with so much – new friends, experiences, a home, knowledge, opportunities for growth, challenges, greater self-worth, and a profound sense of adventure and curiosity about what is around me. This last little token has been particularly surprising and important to me.

Coming to Edinburgh, I was a very orderly, structured individual who loved to have a plan. While I still appreciate a schedule and organization, my time here has transformed me into a far more spontaneous person. I still wake up with an idea of where I will go and who and what I will see each day, but have basically freed myself to explore anything and everything that I am curious about or stands out to me. I never know what that “something” that draws my attention will be, but it always pops up, often in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. This lenience with myself has led to the discovery of some of my favorite roads, parks, coffee shops, paths and even new friends.

Reflecting on this, I have realized my significant uptake in exploration is largely a function of free time. Back at CMC, I followed such a tight schedule because I had taken on so many responsibilities that I literally did not have time to go explore or take a different route or strike up a long conversation with someone new. With this in mind, I am committing to building some time into my life next semester back at CMC that is unrelated to classes, work, internships, meals, working out, etc.: an unlabeled space for more of these “somethings” to enter my life.


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